Innovation: Disney Springs

Appreciate the touches.

At times, we fail to see or appreciate the little things in life and how amazing the simplest things can be. In a recent weekend trip to Disney Springs, we got to experience their new parking garage and it's fantastic smart parking system. This modern technology eliminates the need to drive through every floor and row of a parking garage looking for a space. How futuristic!

Gone are the days of mind numbing parking lot searches, all thanks to modern technology.  A marker box on the outside of every parking lane now shows you the amount of spaces available in that particular lane. A light with a detector on top of each parking space turns a light on and off depending on availability, meaning no more going for the turn only to then find a little vehicle hidden between bigger cars. You can now just spot the light on top of the parking spot. This seemingly simple yet revolutionary idea is the sort of thing we need to appreciate more, simple ideas making our experiences that much better. 

Here's to innovation,