One of the inherent challenges of construction is creating a place people want to be in. It sounds simple and maybe even a strange point to make but that is the reality of the job. Regardless of what you are building and despite the budget, you have to create places people want to spend their time at. Places where people feel comfortable on their own, hosting or doing whatever that specific area is intended for. That challenge of creating one or several areas on a property, in an office or a home that really captures our client is what keeps this job exciting and fresh. 

Our latest project in Wellington, FL presented us with the opportunity of building a cabana amongst the property's fantastic landscape. The goal going in was functionality and beauty, while taking full advantage of the great landscape we were given. From the functional interior grill with a fridge, to the tongue and groove ceiling to maintain that woodsy feel, to our secluded sitting areas amongst the trees, our cabana project turned into one of our favorites to date. Hope you enjoy.

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